About us

Shabana Group

Shabana Group has undergone a phase of decisive change during 2016 – 2017. The Group has adopted a bouquet of strategies and goals, under a comprehensive Vision and a Mission Statement that focuses on ‘The customer’ and extends to cover the whole stakeholders. Read More

Company History

The group started its activities in 1978 by Mr. Abd El Bari Shabana, may he rest in peace, and the beginning was through the branch of Ain Shams, where the commercial activity at that time was limited to the walls and paints. In just three years, in 1981, Shabana became one of the largest distributors of paint companies in the Arab Republic of Egyp... Read More

Vision & Mission

  Our Vision To be the customer’s preferred choice in the field of setting up all modern facilities in Egypt and in the export markets.   Our Mission To provide our customers with all the requirements that satisfy their needs to establish modern facilities, with a professional service, supported by our leadership in the field.This process is done in accordance with the interests of the stakeholders.  ... Read More

Company Goals

Financial:   Increasing Profitability. Increasing the group revenues. Rationalizing the production cost. Financing development projects with the lowest cost.   Customer:   Provide quality corresponds to value. Innovate our products to satisfy the needs. Increasing brand awareness. Serve more cust... Read More